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There Goes My Hero

22 Sep

I think the drunken cougar standing behind me at the Palace said (or slurred) it best: “If I didn’t love Dave Grohl before, I do now. WHOO, BABY!”

My older daughter and I had been looking forward to the Foo Fighters concert for months. We joked about creating our own tribute t-shirts featuring slogans like Team Grohl, Grohl Power, and What Would Grohl Do? I bought the tickets the day they went on sale. Yeah, I dig their music and respect the band and wanted to experience them live after all these years, but my purchase was mainly a vote of approval, admiration and appreciation for their front man.

Dave Grohl is my favorite bad ass.

The hardest working punk in show business …

At 42, Dave can still run around the stage like a 19-year old, take pride in his tats, and scream through a three-hour set without losing his voice or respect from his fans. And, to the alcoholic MILF’s point, he’s aged into his good looks and finally found a stylist to give him a bouncy layered cut that stands up to hours of sweaty head-banging without losing its shape. Even with that thick neck and those humongous teeth, he’s pretty dreamy.

He cemented his place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2016 when he became the eighth drummer for Nirvana, arriving just in time to be part of Nevermind and all the success and chaos that followed. The homely kid beating the hell out of the drum kit behind Kurt Cobain could also play guitar and write songs; six months after Cobain’s death he shopped around the 15-track demo that led him to form the Foos.

In addition to Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, plus his recent stint as a third of Them Crooked Vultures, he’s recorded with something like 30 other bands. (Just this week I found out he played on the first track of Garbage’s Bleed Like Me … the guy knows everybody.) He was a Heartbreaker for one weekend in 1994 when the regular drummer Stan Lynch had a falling out with the band and Dave got a call to ask if he could sit in for their Saturday Night Live performance. (Dave’s response? “Couldn’t they find a good drummer?”)

Apparently he aced the audition—Tom offered him the gig on a permanent basis—but Dave decided to follow his own path.

Dave also boasts a rare talent in the music business: a sense of humor. Check out his Top 10 Drummer Jokes. My favorite is #8: What do you call a drummer that breaks up with his girlfriend? Homeless.

And OMG:  he’s an X-Files fan, too! He had a cameo in the “Pusher” episode, and “Walking After You” played over the credits of the  X-Files movie, Fight the Future.  Could I possibly love this guy any more?

Actually, yes.

Dave already established himself as the defender of the rock and roll faith earlier this year when he came to the defense of Slash and Kings of Leon for refusing to allow their songs to be covered on Glee.  That faith was tested when the pinheads from Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket the Foo Fighters’ Kansas City show on September 16, ostensibly because of their hatred of the hedonistic entertainment industry—but more likely because of the band’s “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)” viral video promoting the tour,  featuring the guys in hillbilly trucker garb taking a communal shower while  enjoying an ode to “hot-man muffins.”

Dave and the Foos found the perfect way to fight fire with fire. They dressed in their stupid wigs and cowboy boots, rented a flatbed, parked in front of the venue and serenaded the protesters … who liked the song a lot more than they should have (even the guy shouting, “Dave Grohl, you douchebag!”). As Hillbilly Dave said, “God bless America.”

And God bless Dave Grohl.

See you on the flip side … and thanks, Dave, for a mind-blowing concert and so much more.

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